Monday, November 16, 2009

Creative Contrast

It has been cranking in the 'Saturday in the Studio' as ten artists age 9-11 worked to accomplish their individiual projects. It's such a treat to witness the process of concept to completion. It's all up to one telling them how to solve their's the creative nature plowing through the ground of the mystery for each of them. There is so much happening in the studio all at once that trying to get photos is rather pointless but I did snap these two wonderfully contrasted pieces as they came closer to being done. The mallard is the work of a nine year old girl who practically shocked herself as she went from the initial drawing (which must be done to scale and must show all views) to the 'sculpting' using recycled materials. The finishing touch and the only purchased part was the addition of google love em'.

The dragon is a grand and mighty fellow. He was finished with a base to stand on, feathery wings, a beautiful cobalt blue stipe down his back and eyes. The work done by an incredibly gifted 11 year old boy who makes magic happen with Model Magic and who here expanded upon one of his small pieces...this dragon stands about 28 inches at horn tip.

The only formula for Saturday in the Studio is the pattern of: first 3 weeks =research and development of the idea followed by week 4-7 as the studio holds a whirlwind of creative problem solving and production...for some reason almost all the artists in this age range want to work in 3-D and I love seeing their proud smiles and amazed parents when they carry out the first thing they've ever built from start to finish on their own.


  1. What a wonderful project!! I'm assuming you are teaching this class?
    I am a close blog-friend of Karin's and I'm so very thankful that you are going to spend time with her, especially now...
    I will take a look around at your work - come visit sometime.
    best, patti

  2. thanks Patti...I know exactly who you are...(in the world of blogging that is)...
    yes this is a studio that I offer at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia...a great opportunity for kids to design their own projects (concept to completion) over a 7 week period.
    Seeing Karin will be great, fabulous, and inspiring as visits with her always are...and as you say...especially now.

  3. I'm smiling at the thought of the little girl who practically shocked herself as the piece materialized. What a rewarding project!


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