Monday, November 23, 2009

All Mother Sentient Beings

Buddha Ratnasambhava (detail)

It's been an excellent week...traveling to New York and the beauty of Westchester County to visit my dear soul sister/friend and artist extraordinaire, Karin. Mostly we chilled and enjoyed one another's company in the comfort of her lovely home/studio. I had the opportunity to actually hold in my hand the amazing book that we've watched unfold over the past eighteen months on her blog space. I have so swooned over the images in digital format but now I was offered the chance to fall in love anew...and I did. There is no describing in words (thus, I'm sure, the reason why her blog is titled as it is : ) the beauty of these pages and the multidimensional depth of her technique only to be seen when this hefty tome is held in hand.

Mahavira's Final Liberation (detail) Standing Jina

On Friday we drove 'into town' and invested the afternoon wandering through the Rubin Museum of Art on West 17th Street visiting the glorious galleries filled with Tibetan and Himalayan art. Being a student of Tibetan Buddhism and having spent time in Nepal and Tibet I feel almost overcome when surrounded with the spirit driven imagery from this culture.

page 105 The Red Book

Also on display is The Red Book by Carl Jung filled with his private journal entries, vivid dreamlike imagery and mandala studies.


  1. glad you arrived home safely - I so wish I could spend time with her (and with you:), it sounds like an amazing journey. I've ordered your book and can't wait for it to come... I've loved poetry all my life.
    can't wait to check out Jung's Red Book - it has to be amazing.
    thanks for 'sharing' your trip...

  2. It sounds like a wonderful trip! I know very little about Tibetan and Himalayan Art, your insights educate me.
    I don't have the Animal cards you mentioned on my blog. What is the meaning behind two eagles?

  3. Thanks so much Patti for your interest in my book I appreciate that a lot

    Indigo girl...It was so great to be at the Rubin and to be with those exceptional Buddhist images...they have inspired me to post some of my photos from my journey to Tibet and Nepal...coming up soon :-)

    I'll send you the pages on Eagle medicine if you'd's very grand and you recieved it x's two.


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