Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mama Said

I am often too ill to go to school. Mom nestels me into my bed. She lays my sketch book by my knees. She reads me The Ugly Duckling or The Princess and the Pea or The Little Engine That Could. She reminds me to draw. She says, "You know you always feel better when you make a drawing." She says, "This too shall pass."

This quick graphic done using Sumo.
This memoir began with the June 8 post and this chapter will be complete by August 21.


  1. Dona,
    This memoir is beautiful, touching, and absolutely real. Your words do more than describe; they make me feel what you felt. They bring those moments alive in my mind's eye. Perhaps you should consider publishing it in some form. I also am intrigued by your Sumo sketches, which seem to capture the essence of those moments without need for details.
    I eagerly await each post.


  2. Thank you so much for your sweet words and encouragement Sharmon.
    It seems that it was the Sumo graphic process that opened the door for this spontaneous story telling.
    I have never had the inclination to invest precious hand-to-surface studio/creative time in delving into the violence of this.

    The Sumo format allows for the detachment that keeps it healthy and 'just a story' ...now well healed.
    thanks so much for your comment.


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