Monday, August 3, 2009

Life Lesson 101

Mom adored me. She encouraged me. She helped me every step of the way. She taught me a special lesson when I was young.
One day she asked me to do something and I said, "I can't."

Hearing the words she softens and calmly instructs me to bring her a piece of paper. She draws the letters C A N ' T.

Taking paper in hand she carefully tears away the ' T. As the scrap floats to the floor she smiles gently saying: "Donna, no matter what happens remember that you can always cut the T off can't...then what do you have left?"

I whisper: "I can."

Now on this particular Sunday afternoon I am floating out beyond the three small attic windows. I am floating above the trees and the Mourning Doves call. I am floating high above the locked attic door.

My body is being changed forever.

I can see my life passing before my eyes.

This quick graphic drawn using Sumo.

This memoir began with the June 8 post and this 'defining moment' chapter will be completed by August 21.


  1. The way you are telling this is so powerful and moving.

  2. thanks indigo any painting that I see come through I'm happily stepping back and letting the story tell itself...


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