Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Joy of Discovery

I so appreciate that there surfaces a simple purity and magic when we discover that something is inside just waiting to show itself to us.

The 7 year old here thought he was going to draw his first mountain goat. He had selected a photo to work from. Twenty minutes later the delight came when he announced "My mountain goat turned into a mythical animal." He proudly asked me to 'stop the studio' so that he could announce his discovery to the other 10 artists.
Uncontaminated delight shared with all.


  1. ...something is inside just waiting to show itself to us.

    You have a way of cultivating that. It is one of your many gifts.

  2. thanks bridgette and's been a busy fabulous time working with 26 artists over the last 7 weeks but what fun we have together.


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