Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Art as Play

I recently heard that we, our brain and the direction it will take us, is fully formed at age six.

May this sprite retain her clarity and joy.

I think I'll take my inner six year old into the studio for some real playtime today.


  1. I heard that, too (Oprah?!) - what an absolute doll! I hope you and your 6 year old are having a blast :)

    (hmmm, my request 'could not be processed', so I'm going to try again, but in the mean time I'll share that my word verification was "maties" - I like that, matie!!)

  2. Hey, that's K in that photo! She's grown up from Pre K Art Days! Let's hope she and other children never lose touch with their inner children!

  3. Hey Amy and Karin
    Yes Amy this is K and omg I could listen to her little voice all day she is 'creativity on wheels' and everything that she makes delights her more than then piece before...such a sprite.


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