Friday, March 20, 2009

Earth as Art

Spring Equinox and so much to look forward does your garden grow???
this is my garden here at 'wren house' and even with all of the work ahead there is a lot happening already...

If part of your art includes co-creating with the earth and all of her mystery you may enjoy visiting my friend Sybil, an earth angel, at Useful Gardens.


  1. Wow, I'm a little jealous of your garden. Big. Beautiful. Bricks, even.

    I'm going to plant my first sqare foot garden this spring (if it ever stops snowing, that is).

  2. Hi earthmother...we 'moved into' this garden...old and neglected for years it once stood as a model 'williamsburg colonial' design...maze boxwoods and we tend her lovingly with no need for tremendous structure....a profusion of flowers, herbs and vegetables cohabiting happily.
    I love the simplicity of the square foot garden approach and used that model when living in Ohio...
    Happy spring!

  3. I so wish I could be there tomorrow evening to enjoy your garden, but we have an event at CAC that will keep me there until 10:00 p.m. (but have the day off tomorrow during the day!). I can't wait to explore it at some point.

  4. Love your garden!! I have plans for a circular riverstone patio in my backyard. We've been collecting nice flat stones for the past two summers. For now they're used elswhere in the flowerbeds until my plans come to fruition. In the meantime, I'm hankering to get my hands in the earth. Lilies, daffodils and crocuses are emerging from the soil. Forsythia is showing a tinge of yellow. All so promising!!

  5. Beautiful garden Iona! I just prepared mine last growth was already starting. Since I like working with my hands so much, I guess gardening just naturally falls into place. Thanks for sharing the photo, maybe you could post another as things start to blossom and grow?

  6. Thanks Indigo Girl and Kathleen...I inherited this wonderful garden layout created by the couple who built this little house in the woods on the shore of Lake Smith. I will look forward to adding fotos as the garden grows...You're fortunate K that you could already add soil for the's been very wet and cold here, unseasonally cold n' wet, so patience is in order.

  7. Looking for comments you may have made on the wonderful circle calendar, I discovered this note in your blog. Thank you, dear, for mentioning the blog. Isn't it wonderful to be in the spring finally? There is much to heal here at the farm, my work is more than cut out for me. Thank you for a lovely "day off" and Day IN at SWAN Day.


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