Thursday, February 5, 2009

Share the Love...

An ultra creative pal and fellow Aquarian (her b-day is on the morrow, mine the day after Valentine's day) on the west coast, writer of the Orange Wheel Barrow , has some terrific insights to share and she is so kind as to give my yearly article a pitch in her most recent post...check it out.

New artist friend, gentle soul and Media Blend collaborator of mine over at Blue Water also throws kudos out in my direction...thank you both for taking the time to spread the love around. Aren't we a lucky bunch to be in a creative community where we toot one another's horn and share in our success and joy.

That said...please don't miss the chance to sign up for fabulous opportunity to win grand Valentine Heart'art book made by my soul sister, K.
You'll see the lush red heart when you open her page...just add your comment and you'll be in her hat.
Have you celebrated a friend this week?

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  1. thanks for the toot Donna :) off to visit your other friends!
    big hugs, K


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