Saturday, February 14, 2009

For the Birds

It's day two of the annual Backyard Bird Count. It is such a wonderful opportunity for taking a few minutes and relaxing with the beauty that surrounds.

Here at Wren House we have a bird's eye view of wonder most every day. These Great White Egrets being snapped yesterday back in the cove on Lake Smith.

It's cold here in Virginia after a few days of balmy and when the temp drops the cove becomes a haven for Cormorants, Hooded Mergansers, Egrets and Heron.

This week there has been the thrill of an added bonus ...for the past three nights a Bald Eagle has been roosting on a dead but sturdy Loblolly pine limb that hangs high over the water .
Here's a link for the Bald Eagle nest at the Norfolk Botanical Garden 5 miles from my home


  1. What lovely photos! I just told a mutual friend of ours the other day how I want to do a private retreat in your backyard. Let me know if you offer those opportunities again!

  2. Great photos Donna! I actually had an eagle soar through our yard this week, which made me think of you :)

    Happy day before your birthday, my wonderful, creative, and inspiring friend!! Boundless love and wellness to you, as you journey on for many many more.
    Love, Karin

  3. thanks Karin! The big step into the sixth decade feels quite thrilling.
    Amy...guess what...starting March 23, and again each first Monday of the month, I am hosting 'Moonday at the Wren': an evening fire outdoors and relaxation by the water for womwn artists and art supporters.
    More to come!

  4. Happy Birthday and Happy Birding!

  5. thanks you indigo is a fabo birthday week...since it's the big 60 I see it being a **birthday year** of continuous celebration...what fun.


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