Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday in the Studio 2009

Being able to step back and simply observe art coming through the mind of a young one is beyond delightful to me. It's a pure language of universal import and 'no instruction manual' is necessary.
They come into the studio with a bit of reserve, first time...what's expected? First a tour of the vast array of available materials, then a tour of the museum and the current cast glass and steel installations of Gene Koss. His monumental work is displayed inside our beautiful refurbished galleries and and out in the new sculpture gardens. The young artist's (eleven 6-8 year old in the first studio eleven 9-11's in the next) are offered the opportunity to choose a piece of work to share with us and to offer ideas of what they think the piece means. It's fabulous to hear what they have to say! Then back to the studio where the directions are: I'm an artist, you're an artist, let's make art...and they are off. I step aside. If they need any direction or support they simply ask.


  1. Aren't Gene's pieces GREAT? We are so fortunate to have artists like both you and Gene associated with CAC. I'm humbled ...

  2. How wonderful! It must be so interesting hearing their ideas on chosen pieces. Highly entertaining too, I'll bet.


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