Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little Help From Our Friends...

I'm a techno weenie and often my synapses don't fire from one avenue of net space to another with the lightening speed of, say, a 7 year old. Enter my darlin' pal and artist extraordinaire Karin! When she saw this flyer that arrived yesterday she shot off an email and said "You have to blog it!" and my brain flat to transform a PDF to a jpg to a gadget to a web page. I voiced my conundrum and within minutes my soul sister had started the process and walked me through the steps...thank you!!

So much about this techno world, for me, pertains to taking a deep breath and relaxing...AND allowing help to arrive from whatever direction she chooses to come from. So thank you Karin...ahhhh...looks as though this is a good day for thanks.

Now off I go to hang with those 7 year old artists in the studio at CACV.


  1. So, I'm about as cyber savvy as you. When I click on the pretty little "PDF to a jpg to a gadget to a web page" gizmo, it takes me to your website. But, I don't see the pretty little pdf anywhere. I would like to read Terra Infirma...The Fragile Dance.

  2. oh, the pdf was it's original form, which got changed to jpg for posting purposes. Donna - I did send you the jpg in a larger size, but it may have ended up in your spam file, like many of my emails seem to like going! An option could be to post the large image, without a link, so that when it gets clicked on it pops up in a readable size (like with photos of your art), then the side bar version can work as your link.
    Now lets see if I can get this post to post rather than erase itself, as it has done to me once already!
    xoxo K

  3. earth mother I'm apologizing...we don't need frustrations being passed around...on my homepage is a button in bright turquoise blue that says Art Chat... that opens the PDF.
    Karin...arrrggghhh...I didn't receive the large file...not even in my span folder...and I think we 'need to talk'...I'll do better if you walk me through.

  4. Is this one of the ways "mercury retrograde" manifests itself? Thanks for that clarification - I didn't see that button when I visited, nicely done :) You can erase my blabbering above! I'd have written directly in an email, but didn't think it would get to you...


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