Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Zany Sibs...

I adore my family and the many interesting ways we move through the are my wonderful big sis and little bro playing in minus 40 degree temps during a dog mush can read all about it on the title link and also enjoy more of Dr.ozda's recent and poetic photos. ...don't miss his first photo of the year...14 of his 18 pups invited indoors during the intense cold.


  1. oh brrrrrrrrrr!! what a great picture of frozen glee :)
    Your brother's photos a truly breath taking. (He heals Alaska's recently politically tainted rep!)

  2. These two are insane!! :)

    Thanks Karin, I do what I can (when I'm not watching Russia from my house).

    D, I like to exaggerate for effect, but I like to temper that with accuracy, so...
    it was somewhere between 20 and 30 below and I have 14 dogs, they were all in the house! Fourteen little micro heaters, helps cut the fuel bill.

    Thanks for admitting to being related, er, featuring us!

  3. Ha ha, I read that, "I adore my family..." and I kept waiting for the "BUT"...


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