Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Clearing Creativity Salon

Yesterday I had the complete and tremendous joy of presenting the 'Clearing Creativity Salon' for and with a group of artists and art's educators at a hidden jewel of a center called Alternatives Inc.

On the natural calendar of the Earth Wheel January represents the moon of cleansing and release. Throughout the morning we 'wound the wheel' exploring and considering what it offers each of us in terms of birth gift and birth challenge. After lunch we each went into a three hour period of silent studio time and we closed with a magnificent 'Show n Tell'...each participant bringing us more inspiration to carry home from the day.
Ahhh...a circle of women making deep spiritual art for sheer favorite kind of day.


  1. Another experience you've written about that I'd love to attend! Sounds like it was wonderful.

  2. And why didn't I know about this salon??

    Actually, I spent all weekend writing art grants!

  3. thanks MA and A...This Creativity Salon was shared with a wonderful group of women artists/educators who invited me to present...Amy I will be offering a day long salon at CACV on March and another on June 13 (no two are alike)...MA I wish that you would have been able to join us in the National Park when I was in Ohio this past time!!

  4. This reminds me of an art therapy group I went to for people with cancer. I couldn't stop crying thoughout the six week session as the art (none of us were artists) we created touched such different areas in my psyche. I am verbal and did not know how to express myself through out. Now I am trying to art journal and I am realizing that maybe all of us have some art in us.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Renee xoxoxo

  5. I hope I can join you next time when you're in Ohio!

  6. Earth therapy. I love the idea of that. I will be visiting now just to get some of that wonderful therapy for myself.




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