Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Walkin' the Wheel for 2009

I've been living and working with the cycles of the moon since 1989. Each year during the first lunation I post an article on the energy of the coming year with my friends David and Sandra at Zodiac Arts. Below is the first paragraph for 2009 plus the information for this first lunation...


Welcome to 2009 and to our collective opportunity to: patiently open to receive. As we walk through this year we are invited to work with our passion and sense of belonging particularly as these qualities spring from our urge to create.

The creative and sexual urge spring from the same zone within the chakra system. Each of these desires helps us to manifest, in their unique ways, a depth of love through devotion, commitment and dedication. We all start life as creative/sexual beings. The ways in which we channel this combined energy will show itself this year. The goal, of course, is to open these centers, one by one, until we are fully functioning and able to contribute to the better world we yearn to see. To connect readers with excellent information on this topic of opened and healed chakras I suggest the book Awakening in Time by Jacquelyn Small. Her book would be a perfect companion for the year.

First Lunation: December 27, 2008 - January 25, 2009:

I of myself can do nothing. It is the Spirit within who expresses and manifests as true success in my life. -- John Randolph Price

Happy New Year! The quality of this moon cycle is that of relinquishing our hold. The Universal Year #29/11 tests us by providing the chance to practice a patient surrender. That yielding allows us a return to our original state. It's a huge concept but 'In the beginning' there was innocence and no need to feel separate and alone.

During this cycle focus upon belonging to your Self. This won't happen through wishful thinking it happens through a rigorous personality review. It comes about by being patient enough to weigh your strengths and relinquish your weaknesses. The reason for this focus is to 'flip' the way you've been pushing yourself.

Now is the time to prepare for an infusion of connection to Inner Self-direction. Be quiet and listen so as to determine your values and establish priorities. This first moon has a lot to do with endurance. It isn't possible to develop, much less give birth to, a new level of Being without endurance. This cycle is really showing us a natural process. The seed cannot sprout without letting go of its hard casing. The baby cannot grow without the right timing. During this moon cycle play is as important as any other responsibility you can think of. All year we are being asked to entertain a light heart and here at the start is a perfect opportunity to practice daily by being with that which you enjoy.

KEYWORDS for attuning to this cycle: abundant, art, attractive, baby, beauty, choose to act wisely, day, humor, innocent, optimistic, passion, playful, poetry, self expression

KEYWORDS that take your energy away: betrayal, exaggeration, fear, hurtful words, inconsiderate scattered, intolerant, jealous, self-centered, superficial, whining

HOMEWORK: Since the year is readying us by placing a spot light on a healthy sense of self through our creative/sexual passion this is a good cycle for beginning a prosperity program. Why? 1. So often we work at a job that robs us of our creativity. 2. Humans have been known to project sexual energy onto someone who they imagine will provide for them. Keeping in mind the acronym for money mentioned in the article above, you may want to select a prosperity program to follow through the year. There are many excellent ones; I'll offer John Randolph Price, The Abundance Book.Lifecycle Forecast 2008 © Donna Iona Drozda

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