Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hungry Artist's and Art Fraud

Are you hungry to have someone/anyone buy your art?? Beware...
Here's some news to know:

I received an email last Saturday expressing interest in this painting as seen on my website.

-----Original Message-----
From: Betty Locke [] Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2008 11:43 AM


Subject: Artworks.

Hi, Season greetings. Hope this message finds you well. I saw thesecreatives works on your web site and i will like you to get back withmore details if they are still available for purchase. In the morning and Moon Flower I will appreciate an urgent reply. Best Regards,Betty.

It didn't feel right (check the grammar). But I did reply...then it got very interesting and apparent...though I still didn't really understand how it was going to work. By Wednesday I was contacted by a 'cartage company' in London and "Betty" supplied me with a tracking number from FedEx. I entered the FedEx website through their http directly and the tracking number came up as legit stating that a "priority envelope was being delivered at a specific time. Since I was not responding the way the scam artists (aka: scum) wanted the whole thing fell's where to file a report, along with the comes the FedEx truck right now!! I quoted "Betty" $900.00 for the painting and the check that is sitting in front of me is for $3700.00. I had rec'd instructions that the check would be written for a greater amount and that I was to "pay the movers" when they came to pick up the art. It's a very real looking cashier's check...I can take it to the bank and cash it...but there are no funds to support it...and I would get that surprise in a few days. I'm taking it to the police station instead, any bogus check written for an amount larger than $200.00 is a felony.
If someone contacts you...file here...


  1. Whoa! You hear about this stuff, but still, unbelievable! I hope they catch up with Ms. Betty real soon.

  2. Thanks!!!! I got the very same message on my website ( I just did a search using "betty's" email address and got your notice. My email was exactly the same. Fortunately, "she" never replied to my query back. P.S.- I like your painting!!!

  3. Well, I'm so glad you didn't fall for the scheme and send out your beautiful art-scum is right! Hope they catch the crooks doing this type of thing. The Karma train should be on its way to run them over soon!

    Love the piece and I'm glad it's still in your posession!


  4. Hi Leslie
    Thanks so much for your good thoughts.
    I knew for certain that it was a scam from the second email...there were many red flags...
    What I've learned, and I've been learning a lot, is that it isn't about the art at all.

    IF I had cashed the check then they would have had my banking information (because it's a bogus bank and they grab all info off of the account.) Then they can drain whatever you have....yet another form of identity theft.

  5. arrrrrrgh... so incredibly sad that there are these parasitic beings out there ever ready to creep into our spheres, looking for an opening to crawl through. Glad your red flags blocked all entries, and spread out to help others raise their own.
    The sacred ain't scared, & arts rise above rats ;~)

  6. oooo...I love that last part. I have used 'scared sacred' for years but my little language antenna never picked up the arts/rats connection...same energy. different use... for really.

  7. I have had this same type of thing happen to me more than once. This is a common scam, which has been perpetrated on many people who sell things through the internet, including cars! The last time I got an email like this, I told them I only accept payment through Paypal, and I didn't hear anything back from them. It's a good idea to spread the word about this, though, because apparently it continues to fool people. Thanks for including this on your blog.


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