Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Follow Your Moon

Last evening I attended the annual Poet's Pot Luck at Dr. Robert Christin's home. Dr. Christin is my memoir writing teacher, editor of my book and an all around magnificent being. For 10 years he has hosted a monthly poet's forum attended by a dynamic, bawdy and highly talented group.
Several years ago my poet friend and member of this group, Sharon Poch, purchased my painting 'Follow Your Moon' to add to her collection. At dinner Sharon mentioned that she had written a poem on November 11 interpreting the piece.
I call this 'painting with words' and feel very honored by this translation...thank you Sharon!
(and so sorry blogger will not allow me to space the piece as you wrote it...aarrrggghhh :-( )
Follow Your Moon
ancestral seas swell
under a turtle back moon
that lights my soul's path
to the island of Now
where I am born from the ground
fertile with petals of
all mother and fathers
before me, behind me
each humming in my cells
an eternal evensong,
infinite hosannas
to the universe for
all that I am
all that I was
all that I ever will be


  1. The poem is absolutely beautiful! The last few lines speak to me.

    mary ann

  2. I love the painting! Do you sell prints?


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