Monday, November 24, 2008

Lookin' Up

I've been having a wonderful time working on a series of paintings titled 'Birdwatching' and the focus has reminded me of something I've enjoyed over many years.
Have you ever taken part in the Cornell University/Audubon Society Backyard Bird Count?
It's coming up February 13 -16. Taking part only requires 15 minutes of your time. It's fun and the information you gather adds vital data regarding songbird health and also offers indicators of environmental states and their ability to sustain our bird populations.

I find such a joy in simply noticing the fleeting activity and beauty that birds bring as they move all about us. Each year there are highlights such as last week when more than 50 Trumpeter Swans flew over the house on their way to Back Bay Wildlife Refuge...magic.


  1. Thanks Susan...I love the way that you paint your bordered bird with moons in the corners...I leaped with a jolt of recognition in our sympatico 'world bird' views.

  2. I know, I thought it was serendipitous that we both just posted birds; mine actually was patterned from memory of the skimmers that I watched this summer....looks a bit stodgy after seeing your gorgeous, colorful and energetic aviators!

  3. Oh yes...I can clearly see 'Skimmer' when I look again...I think the coloration just had me jumping to I just love any reason to say the word.... Puffin :-) Always brings a smile.

  4. i love these birds!! what a beautiful painting..yes, i too participate in the backyard bird count. and last saturday a flock of about 40 tundra swans flew over the grocery store parking lot in a full fledged snow squall. of course i heard their calls first, looked up and there they were, ghostly and ethereal in flight through the snow.

  5. isn't is just the thrill of the year to see/hear the swans overhead...I too always hear them long before I see them and then I just watch long and long until there is not a trace of their passage...until next spring. Here I don't have the snow element though that would make it all the more magical and as you ethereal...such a grand word.
    Happy day of thanks to you M.A.


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