Saturday, November 22, 2008


Before going into the Old Donation Center art studio the 4th graders stood out in the hall and played an intuitive game that I call 'How observant are you?' In this instance the idea was to look at and talk about 'The Wish Fulfilling Tree' a large painting that I brought along to hang in the hall outside the art room during my week at the school. Together we addressed the concepts of symbolism, where artist's find ideas, varied techniques, color choices, etc.
After a good round of discussion and terrific insights we went into the art room, closed the door and I asked each artist to now see how much of the painting they could recall from memory using the colors they like and simply having fun with the process.


  1. Thanks for the well wishes on the holiday open house! Nice to be though of. mucho apreciado.
    Is that a green heron in the painting a few posts back? I truly love that painting. And because it's late and my brain is slowing to a halt, all I can say is ditto to the comments others made about that painting. It does speak of much in its imagery.

  2. You must be the most fabulous teacher. Wish you lived around here so Ryley could have you visit his school.

  3. Hi MA and Molly
    It is a green heron, I love them doing their odd little strut through the grasses back at the cove.
    And I would be so happy to come and be a visiting artist at Ryley's school. Here in Virgina Beach the PTA's sponsor the Artist in Residence program at almost every one of the over 50 elementary goal is to visit them all's so much fun.


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