Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tuesday at the Wren...continues...

Opening the studio and spending the afternoon
creating together has been a heavenly idea...
harkening back to the first Saturday Creativity Salons that ran at my Fairhill Studio digs from 1991-1995.

Here we have less space but the access to the gardens expands our boundaries beautifully.

We'll meet again this week with a different mix to the group...some artist friends returning... some coming for just one week as schedules allow...


  1. So glad the Creativity Salon energy has found a new form and life! Everyone is looking very focused and immersed in creative juiciness. I surely wish I could be there!
    and your garden... so rich and beautiful.

  2. Loving the blog! your brothers photos are great and the Joseph Campbell passage is being copied and put where I can be reminded of soooo much that is sooo powerful. Thanks for that!


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