Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes we get so absorbed...

Tuesday in the studio was an amazing experience... seven women making art in the garden and in the studio... I got so involved I forgot to snap a photo so here's what I have started ...a series of what I refer to as 'Mantra's...little site meditations in a mostly 8x10 inch format presented in Euro frames ...sleek and intimate.

Do you ever yearn to share an image in a variety of ways? I find my archives excite me and so I am learning to 'mine that gold' and enlist the piece to take me to new places albeit on a small and easy to play with format.


  1. mmmm, I love the rich colors and depth of detail - stitching, little bits of magical sparkle...
    you've got mining that gold down, my friend!

    & Yes, to your question - I enjoy using and reusing my images. To play with the variety of ways I "see" expands and deepens my work and my understanding of what I'm doing.
    thanks for reminding us to return again, for another view and a way to create again.

  2. using and reusing images, concepts and ideas gets me so excited. right now I'm imagining ways to get 500 elementary kids involved in creating what I am calling 'phenology flags'...sort of an environmental coat of arms if you awareness exercise that follows natural patterns and cycles. I'm imagining the school fencing (I'm doing a residency at a particular location that is surrounded by chain link that encloses a large field) woven with these flags and I would love it if they could be constructed of, oh say, discarded plastic bags or styrofoam trays...obviously something that is not going to be immediately destroyed by weather...any thoughts to throw into the idea bank would be so appreciated.


Thanks for stopping '-)