Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mantra for today

In three weeks I'll drive to Ohio for the opening of
'A Mild Obsession' with fabo artist Lynne Lofton at FAVA Gallery and since there are so many loose ends to bring together it feels like a bit of sanity to just play each day making these little 'Mantras' as I call em'.
This one's called 'Lotus Focus' and it may just ring a bell.


  1. Hey D,
    I am very much liking these 'mantras'. They contain a deeply serene and mediative quality for me, as their name implies. Love the lotus stamped - is it a paper towel?! It has a wonderful quilted texture. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Hey K
    Oh thanks for noticing the paper the stamp and voila' perfect for that 'dang ol'
    impermance' aspect of art making.
    I'm enjoying these Mantras (and am so delighted that this is what they call themselves)as a way to calm myself in the studio while preparing for soooo much activity during the ten days of travel, fast approaching.


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