Saturday, August 23, 2008

Live a Simple and Peaceful Life

Getting ready to head out of town for all manner of wonder-filled art related adventures is a very positive variety of stress. Here at home we like to remind ourselves that "ain't nothin bad happenin"... and yet at the same time it's useful to notice the many opportunities to become distracted from what has real meaning and value...dontcha think? Notice/release. Notice/release.
Related to this is an excellent little link that I wanted to share.. instant refreshment for all us creative types. :-o


  1. That was a very helpful article for me who sometime feels guilty about slowing down. Your art also has a very peaceful quality about it.

  2. thanks for your comment...great to visit your passions too. Your praying mantis, cow and your two grandkids (!) are all so great:-]

    I hope that you have a terrific time with the altered book exploration. if you stop back over to my blog and check out the first link on the right you'll go to an amazing altered book project that my artist friend karin is creating...hope you enjoy.


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