Saturday, August 2, 2008

Art in the Park

Friend Joni in one of the fishing huts...where's the A/C?

Here's a great link with ideas for getting the kids outside for an hour a day...

Still sizzlin' here in Virginny...this session of 'Art in the Park' in the continuing 100+ degree temps made for slow hiking.

Fortunately I had remembered to bring along a spray water bottle so that everyone could get misted and refreshed as we moved along the winding wooded path. First Landing State Park
has a Native American fishing camp recreated along the Cape Henry Trail so we had the excitement of discovering dome shaped thatched 'houses' of varying sizes every few hundred yards. There's a good shot of one here:
As we came around a curve in the path, with the first structure just ahead, the girls squealed and bolted for its entry. Dashing in and quickly popping their heads back out through the empty doorway they called in dismay "Miss Iona, It doesn't have any air conditioning!"


  1. your paintings are amazing! i especially like the water-inspired ones.

    on another note, since you guys gave me that beautiful ocean conservancy calendar last yr, i have a cool calendar for you this yr! ill pass it off to my grandparents for you. my lab made calendars for our shark society this yr. filled with shark/ray enthusiast photos.

    - tricia

  2. Hey Trish...hope you're all havin' a groovy time at HH...
    thanks for thinking of me with the shark society calendar...I will so enjoy it...looking at your blog photos is a terrific vicarious rush.
    if you send your blog address to me again...I most likely have it...but just to be safe...then I'll link to it from my blog...share the good work that you're doing with more n' more folks.
    stay in the swim...


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