Thursday, July 10, 2008

Witness to the Process

Recently I made myself into a crazy person. It lasted long enough for me to notice that...oopps...outa balance here.
Regroup. Take a deep breath. Rest.
Entering the studio as sanctuary is the antidote. I become a 'crazy' when I start taking it all tooooo seriously. I recall the work of Bandler and Grindler

What tools do you keep at the ready to reach for during your crazed episodes?

When I get separated from the process of witnessing the world that I love so much, when I become 'crazed'.... I notice that part and then I 'come back home' by allowing my heart/hand space to move, to play, to show me something that reminds me that...there's 'only one of us here'. And then...ta da...
Welcome H'OM'E. 'OM' is where the art is...Ahhh.

H'OM'E's the most excellent place of all.

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