Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hopper to the White House

Talk about doing the town...what fun. Drove up to DC for the day and stopped first at The National Gallery to visit the Edward Hopper Exhibition

Hopper has been a favorite painter of mine since I was a youngun'. The Cleveland Museum has a fabulous Truro landscape that is on loan to this exhibit so it was like seeing a dear old friend mixed in with so many never-seen-before gems.

After Hopper...on to the artist's reception at the White House hosted by Laura Bush. Oh my oh my. Think most fabulous artist opening ever. This was all about celebrating the National Parks, monuments, historic sites, seashores and memorials with each represented by a hand painted miniature 18" diameter ornament...the diversity and variety of techniques and subjects is mesmerizing...and meeting so many artists from all over the country was just so incredible and ...well this was a dazzling day! ... an opportunity to celebrate the beauty, wonder and distinct grandeur of the many varied and magnificent landscapes and memorials across the land.


  1. hi donna,
    sounds like a wonderful time in d.c. what an incredible experience that must have been!
    lucky you, hobnobbing with all those artists and representing such an important aspect of our world!!
    mary ann

  2. hi mary ann
    whew..I'm knee deep in my artist residency and hadn't seen that you stopped by the blog.
    yes yes yes d.c. was delicious. the affair at the white house was obviously once in a life time and prior to that I was at the national gallery visiting the edward hopper exhibition...seems I did send this info along to yo so if I'm repeating chalk it up to my having been up and working since 2:30 a.m.
    off to nap!
    be well.


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