Monday, December 5, 2011

A Water World

River View:Dusk, Drozda, 2011

It's the Strength Moon cycle and this week the energy is offering each of us the opportunity to be as creative, in connection to our current goal, as we can allow. We're moving toward a Lunar Eclipse at this weekend's Full Moon...The Full Moon makes me think of the pull of the tide so here are a few more shares on the topic of water.

Palm, Kim Keever

The glorious, albeit disorienting, large format photographs by Kim Keever are on exhibit at MOCA . I've had the pleasure of spending time with them over the last two months and also observing how catalytic Kim's method is for inspiring minds. My young artists in the MOCA 'Saturday in the Studio' arts apprentice program quickly found themselves enthralled. This was made easy for them with a terrific hand's on corner of the gallery. Two empty 20 gallon tanks are surrounded by baskets of many miniature landscape elements that Keever favors. With these, tiny clamp on lights and filmy fabrics that drapes 'like his pumped paints' they were very happy to create their own versions of 'tank art' (as they coined the term).
Here's a bit of info on Keever's process...and a video of him working in the studio...

"New York-based Kim Keever makes photographs of bonsai-scaled landscapes assembled inside a 200-gallon tank that is filled with water and topped with paint pigment and addressed with lights and gels to create convincing effects of clouds and atmosphere. His tropical vistas, sylvan forests, and mountain views openly wear their own artifice while they also display the fine-grained complexity of the real thing. Looking at them can be an otherworldly experience. NewArtTV visits Keever at his East Village studio."

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Amazing work by Kim Keever!

  2. Fascinating! I have been enjoying the moon so much the past few nights...last night was truly amazing!

  3. So fascinating and interesting.. your knowledge of the moon and all its manifestations is so illuminating.

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