Monday, February 28, 2011

Following the Moon: Renewing the Self

                                                                  Journal page, Drozda, 2008

Save the self by the Self, never upset the self. The Self is the only friend of self, the self is the only enemy of Self. 

These are some of my favorite words and I share them with you as we now come close to the next New Moon, the Purity cycle, which begins on March 4 and extends through Tuesday, March 8. Between now and then reflect upon the ways in which you have experienced a sense of Renewal permeating your Art/Life. If you can't quite grab a hold of this try opening your window. Listen for the first sounds of spring.  Movement is taking place.

Dream your dream. Treasure your Self. Imagine what is waiting to be born as you step into Spring cherishing your Art/Life

Whether in art, in manners, or in social structure the trend to intricate elaboration often falls of its own weight, and men and women again seek a simple direct relationship to life and one another as human beings.                                                                                        John Gardner

Today, Monday, February 28, we begin the Balsamic Phase of the Renewal Moon. This Phase continues through mid-afternoon Friday, March 4. It signals the time each year for beginning to dream of the possibilities before moving forward with the Natural Year ahead. In a few short weeks we move through the East Gate at Spring Equinox and start a new walk around the Wheel...
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