Monday, November 29, 2010

Following the Moon: Sympathetic Magic

A Deep Hunger #8, Drozda, 2006, Acrylic/board

Each spring I set an intention for the year. This past April I put my focus on increasing my ‘techno-communication’ skills. Shortly thereafter, six months ago, I broke two bones in my painting arm.

It was a very fine day. I had just emailed off a proposal that I’d been working on for nearly 9 months. An exciting collaboration between my studio, a local community economic development department and our major state art museum (It has since been accepted).

Out for a bike ride to celebrate the day, that Friday afternoon in May, I stopped for a moment. Turning to get back onto my bike, I watched in slow motion as the handlebars slipped toward the concrete pavement. The back tire caught my leg taking me down with full impact onto the curb, landing me on my right wrist. Crunch. Uh oh. This is more

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