Monday, November 15, 2010

Following the Moon: I Go Among Trees and Sit Still

The Fields of Dewachen, Drozda, 2004, Acrylic/board

It’s the Introspection moon cycle and time for the natural process of slowing down and looking within. I’ve been having a grand time with this process, walking in the woods, sitting back by the water watching the ducks laugh and painting and journaling in the wee hours when it’s most quiet. I’ve been sleep-deprived for most of this cycle and so in the middle of the night I’m leaning in and listening to the Muse, the voice of intuition. I’m then investing the time to set the intention for the coming year. my new blog...feel free to leave comments here, after your visit, if it's easier.

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  1. Right now, I feel more of a pull from the cycle of seasons and holidays. However, I have set a real boundary around December days - my gift to myself is December time in the studio. I did promise to engage in family Thanksgiving though, so much as I would love to slow down, I don't see it happening.

  2. Donna! Your art creations amaze me...I feel pulled inward by, through, the numinous image--yet, in such a playful way.

    rita maria

  3. Thanks Leslie and Rita for stopping by.
    Rita...your comment lifts my spirit in a numinous and playful way ;-)

    Leslie wonderful that you have already established where you'll be through the December crunch...your studio!! Yay you ;-)

    One of the reasons why I so enjoy following the that the pace of the phases 'puts everything on feminine time'...then even in the midst of the rush it's possible to STOP and begin breathing and the earth.

  4. Everytime I stop by your blog, I spend a good ten minutes just admiring and taking in the beauty of your work. I just love love your paintings!

    And I look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations.


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