Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Following the Moon

'Who Then?', Drozda, 2003 

"Always be ready to see what you haven't seen before." Corita Kent

The new moon will be here on June 12. Between now and then we have a period of time, called the Balsamic phase, to release all that has built up since May 14. In playing with the gentle and harmless symbolic rhythms of the moon's time frame we come to this place each month where we can consciously:
Drop it.
Let it go.

For these next few days the time is best invested in resting quietly. Of course none of us are going to stop our lives yet we can take some time now to dream. We can remember to meditate. There is something so nurturing and kind about setting aside the last days of the cycle to simply rest...to simply dream...to imagine what is possible...to consider what is worth our time and commitment. I often imagine that each Balsamic phase is similar to floating, waiting, quieting while dreaming the next piece of the dream called 'my life' preparing to birth itself into the new. Notice how this time feels for you.

The new cycle, the June 12 new moon, carries the keyword of  'Illumination'. Near the mid point, or Full phase there is a shift and the keyword turns to 'Growth'. Where would you like to have more light coming into your creative life? Think of the natural level of illumination taking place now as we move closer to summer solstice. Plants are burgeoning and there is a riot of activity going on beneath the surface of things. Here at the studio I watch, day by day, as the combination of light, earth's nutrients and water produce growth in every direction. I see if there are ways that I might emulate these natural patterns and fold them into the rhythm of my work.

'Wren House Garden', Drozda 2010

'Canada Goslings', Drozda 2010
today in the garden

This entire week can be devoted to clearing space and beginning to prepare for the new vision that you would like to create in the coming cycle. This creative vision is yours alone. Respect it. Embrace it. Your vision may be a continuation of what's currently unfolding or you may sense something rising up to meet you like new flowering growth. However you feel the energy, you may enjoy taking the time to honor it and journal/draw the way you're observing its patterns. The new moon phase will stretch through the coming weekend. During that time it can be very relaxing to collage a vision page or treasure map, to add color and pattern to the dream of the days between now and then.

For many of us the beginning of a cycle can also be a fine time to seek inspiration. Having a vision and holding steady as its nurtured is a great skill. Shakti Gawain's classic Creative Visualization might offer some excellent reminders.

Experiment and see how it feels to create in harmony with the phases of the moon. Doing so becomes a simply endless opportunity to chart the flow of time with a sense of grace and ease as you allow engagement with luna's calming rhythms.

Canada's and Guard Goose, Drozda
today in the garden

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~May you sing the days


  1. It is not only the information you mindfully share, it is the thoughtful beauty of your words.

    I both learn new things, and I learn ways to implement this information into my life. Information and practice delivered with kindness.

    Thank you.

  2. Iona,

    This is a perfect post for me right now--perhaps bc as I read, I'm stretched out on my couch, just resting and absorbing your words and images. I love the notion of the "Balsamic" phase as one of floating: I imagine a baby floating uterine waters, waiting for birth. I'll be taking your words to heart in the next several days.

  3. great post! and your photos and artwork are wonderful! been rereading Dr joseph murphys old book, reminds me a lot of an older version of shakti gawains... great stuff!!

  4. I love how you relate and connect art and creativity and inspiration to meditation and the cycles of the moon.. so contemplative and thoughtful

  5. Ahhh, how lovely. Conscious respite. Thanks Iona!

  6. You are teaching me a new way of being. Thanks Donna. I have many of Shakti's books but I've a soft spot for Creative Visualization since it was the first of this type of book I read many years ago..... and it works!

  7. 2010 is the first year that I haven't had a calendar that shows the moon phases. It has been bugging me, even though I can easily look it up.

    I just added them to my comptuter calendar and now I feel better. I really enjoy learning about how to make the moon phases an bigger part of my life. Thanks again!

  8. Thank you all so very much for your lovely and engaged comments.
    The new moon 'on the morrow' begins our most active portion of the year.

    I so appreciate the awareness of these natural rhythms and the ability they provide for slowing our fast pace to nowhere.

  9. I love this post...I have been so busy lately...and now am forced to rest because I am exhausted...so the timing is aligned as it should be. I think sometimes, without even realizing it we are naturally in sync with the cycles...especially as women...the fluids of our bodies know the tides driven by the moon.

  10. Donna, i just want to sit in your lovely garden and meditate; perhaps someday I will!


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