Monday, May 31, 2010

Wabi Sabi Moon

'Wabi Sabi Moon', Drozda 2010
pavement pattern

Today through Friday the days are referred to as the Disseminating phase. This is the sixth phase (out of the eight) that repeat month by month...moon by moon.  Now time and space become available for sharing with others, through your words and your work, what you've learned since the cycle began on May 14.

This is subtle stuff...not something that you necessarily go out of your way to do, yet as you begin to track the manner in which you move through your world you may actually notice how your creative process naturally and intuitively flows with the qualities that we touch on here. Then, if you choose, you can factor this way of using time into your studio schedule. Aligning with the organic quality of the moon's rhythm gives us an easier way to allow all situations and circumstances to gently unfold.

The focus now is on Wisdom. So you have the chance to consciously disseminate that. I'm currently reading a  marvelous book that I choose for this cycle: Joyful Wisdom  by Yongey Mingyur. Another great studio companion is The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers by Jamie in First Nation stories to enrich the creative walk.

On Friday we step into the Last Quarter phase and the focused monthly time that is set aside for prayerful gratitude is here. How empowering it is to be grateful for everything. What a fine exercise during this time to write out all that's come to visit since May 14 when the New Wisdom Moon began.

I wandered  a bit this week looking for simplicity and made a few additions to my Wabi Sabi portfolio:

'Wabi Sabi Sunset', Drozda 2010
pavement pattern

It was a different kind of week. It strarted, as always, in the studio.

'Tree Rings', Drozda 2010
works in process
media blend

And it's ended, after much new and different experience, with a holiday in the garden relaxing on the back porch...

'For K'

This week my bicycle and I had an adventure resulting in two broken bones This cast that will be with me for the next 6-8 weeks. Tomorrow I begin a week long residency. Hundred.s of students will join me and we'll explore the joys and wonders of working with the non dominant hand.

The Wisdom that I have acquired this month is that even a sudden accident can carry multiple silver linings. I immediately began to ask for the best outcome and it has been one demonstration after another of Merci33...thank you, All is Well.

~May you sing the days


  1. I will come clean and admit that I am somewhat sceptical about all this moon business, but I love your 'found' wabi-sabi images, they are so w-s.
    I am sorry to hear about your accident and hope that the healing goes well as I am sure it will with your positive outlook. I am certain that you will make the most of working with your 'non dominant hand'.

  2. i love the wabi sabi sunset! thats my kind of art. have a good non dominant residency, i'm sure you will get more out of it than most.

  3. Hi make me smile...there's nothing to nail down here moon wise...simply a gentler unfolding of time.

  4. Thanks for your explanation of these phases. It interests me a lot. Your Wabi sabi patterns are so very cool.

    Sorry about the accident. Take care, all the best, sweet greetz!

  5. I love your wabi sabi concrete photos Donna - wonderful moon images! and thank you for the hot pink wink ;-) love healing love

  6. I'm learning how to pay attention to what is happening in my life and ask why. I'm learning there are answers and we can manage our reactions...we can plan and act.

    I enjoy your offerings. Thank you!

    A red cast, zowie.

  7. Sorry about your accident, but it doesn't surprise me that you see some silver linings. I love your pavement markings photos. They are also part of my meditation walks that I look forward to. Your moon readings amaze me in the way I can relate to them. Much like Rochard tests I see (read) what is going on with me.

  8. I am so sorry that you broke your arm. I have a friend who consistantly uses her non-dominant hand in her art and writing. Wow, I imagine your workshops to be amazing. roxanne

  9. I forgot to say how beautiful the photo is of you in your studio. And my birthday was may 14th. I wonder what that means in terms of the whole cycle. roxanne

  10. Sending healing thoughts. Hope you have lots of fun with your non-dominate hand. I use mine for almost all of my mark making.

  11. I hope your arm heals fast! I did hear about a watercolorist who gave a workshop with a similar injury. The person who told me about it (an oil painter who was also giving a workshop at the same time/place)knew her pretty well and saw her doing a demo early in the workshop that he thought was great. He later found out that she had been using her "other arm"!

    When he asked her about it, she told him that she'd had no choice but to keep painting with her healthy arm, so that is what she did. It will be fun to read about how this goes for you!

  12. So sorry to see your arm in a .... pink.... cast! As someone said you will make the best of it but I send healing thoughts immediately. Love the studio photo as well as the wabi sabi sunset.

  13. Wonderful pavement photos. I read your entries several times and always learn. What lucky students!

  14. Love the Wabi Sabi images! and you are such an inspiration, I can't wait to hear how the non-dominant hand experience plays out...
    Heal Well, Be Well.

  15. Sending healing vibes your way -- good heavens, you and the bike must have had quite a parting of the ways. I really enjoyed seeing the in-process photo of you working in your studio, thanks for sharing that. Hope the residency is going well.

  16. Well there is so much in this post. I love those wabi sabi works. I am going to follow the link to the others.

    And what was going on out there with the moon?? Was it accident week. A friend of mine refers to his "health opportunity" and I can see that you are finding this aspect of it with your garden sitting and non dominant hand art theme for your residency and of course that lovely hot pink cast. How will it transform over the time you wear it? I suspect it will become something of a work of art. I look forward to seeing its future incarnations. And good healing to you!

  17. Hi Iona!
    What a determined spirit you have! I hope your wrist heals quickly, however it sounds as if you are teaching many "lessons" about perseverance. Thanks for sharing your images and journey with us! You're an inspiration :)
    Best wishes,

  18. Iona,

    What a serendiptious post--I woke up this morning and thought--"I need to focus on gratitude--it's the elixir to my thoughts gone awry."

    It is fun to see you relaxing on the porch with your hot pink cast. Your spirit shines through. Sending healing thoughts and Reiki your way:)

  19. So glad to hear you are doing well! I knew you, of all people would make the best of this! Happy healing. xoxo Karen

  20. hi donna...........
    love your blog...your red cast looks very powerful.
    swift friend

  21. Thank You All for your visits and well wishes...I am belated in posting how much it means to me to know that we are all connected in our 'Luna See'.


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