Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Beauty that Surrounds

Woke up to another Virginia Beach winter some garden views.


  1. because of the late snow, you see a mixture of spring and winter coming together... beautiful images

  2. The Wood Duck is beautiful! Do you have a nesting box?

  3. I like how you see another kind of 'layer'Donna.

    No Indigo, we haven't put in nesting boxes...the trees around the lake seem to provide natural cavities and the city has some nest boxes on stilts in the water too.

  4. Great photographs! That is such a beautiful duck, haven't seen one like that here in Holland. Haha, i just read in a comment above that it is a wooden duck? Seems so real to me. :-s Lol
    The second photo is so great!

    Sweet greetz for you.

  5. Loves all your birds.
    Those lil' ravens are planning something....


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