Monday, December 14, 2009

Play Ball

                    Play Ball, Drozda 2008
                                   8x8 inches
                                Acrylic on woodIt's been a week 'gone to the dogs' from meeting Minnie, the rescue Dane in the last post, to having a lot of ball time with my Jack Russell, Valentine. She got me inspired to create this little piece on an 8 inch square piece of wood that I found on a building site, along with many other planks and possibilities.

Speaking of wood...I stopped at the thrift store this week and found three benches that were just calling out to become part of my painted furniture inventory.

Over the years and particularly when I owned my gallery (a hundred years ago) I loved to find wonderful wood furniture cast off's and give them a new life.
So there's lots of fun in the studio and something wonderful will be emerging over the next while.
Today it's primer and base coat.


  1. What a great little dog inpired painting! I have some drawer bottoms from an old dresser that are waiting for some art.
    Will you show pics of the furniture that you paint?

  2. A super little 'Jack Russel' painting, I love it.

  3. Love this new playful, joy filled canine creation!!
    Sounds like some yummy fun is happening in the wren house studio :)
    xox K

  4. Thanks Indigo, Ian and K ...Dog paintings do have their own charm don't they...and this little girl could inspire a painting a minute....hmmmm.

    thanks too Indigo Girl...yes I'll be posting the stages of the bench's so much fun to be painting these particular forms...simple clean lines with just enough funk.

  5. I love the dog painting! Of course, it combines two of my favorite things- dogs, and your art!

  6. what a fun painting! it really captures the joy of doggyness.


  7. I always love seeing paintings artists do of their dogs. I have done two of my dog, one was more of a realistic one of him chasing a fly. And another one was a little more playful of him in a garden that I made for my son's room. Seeing your painting makes me want to do yet another one! :)

  8. Thanks Sharmon, that is such a sweet comment! It makes me smile.

    Thanks Laura yeah little Valentine is absolutely ecstatic when she sees a tennis ball...ahhh... to be so easily pleased :-)

    Bridgette...I'd love to see your 'pup paintings', are they encaustic??

  9. no, they are both oils. :) I'll take pictures and put them up- i'll let you know when i do. :)


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