Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Mantra a Day

Do you have some 'words of wisdom' that carry you through the tough patches?

Last week I found myself humming John Lennon's Let It Be and that prompted a little project titled 'Wisdom Words'.

I'm making a list of "words of wisdom" and creating a new series of Mantra collages that take images from my files and reconfigure them as 8x10 inch pieces for the upcoming Contemporary Art Center Holiday event ...pictured here is one of four that have been created this week.


  1. That's a great project: i think of; Let the sun shine in.....

  2. i love seeing stuff like this out here! i just started working for this global cause that's all about cultural sustainability through art, music and film. i just graduated, so working for a global cause has been such a great first experience. it's a nice reminder that there is a whole big world beyond campus walls. they have these great daily mantras with photographs and stuff and indigenous music. check out their facebook if you are interested:


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