Monday, November 2, 2009

All Soul's Day

The entry for November 2: All Soul's Day in A Pocketful of Miracles by Joan Borysenko reads:

Seed Thought

All Soul's Day is celebrated in many countries as a day both for remembering the dead and for celebrating the liberating aspects of death. Death is a loss as we perceive it from this reality, but for the mystic who has dedicated his or her life to union with the Divine, it is a joyful celebration__the Marriage of the Spirit that Jesus and other teachers discuss. In his autobiography, Memories, Dreams and Reflections, Carl Jung wrote that "when the pious Cabbalist Rabbi Simon ben Jochai came to die, his friends said that he was celebrating his wedding. To this day it is custom in some regions to hold a picnic on a grave on All Soul's Day. Such customs express the feeling that death is really a festive occasion."


Divine Beloved, sometimes You seem so far from us in daily life. May that gap be closed by my growing desire to be One with you now, so that at the moment of death I will fly to Your Heart on wings of awareness, forgiveness, tolerance, gratitude and the growing wish to be of service to all beings. May all remnants of negativity be burned from my heart so that the purity of love can burst forth in joy.

Spend a few minutes in the peacefulness of shamantha/vispassana meditation, centering prayer or egg of light.

This evening my studio/home will be filled with women artist/friends. It's our final 'Moon Day at the Wren' for this year. Each month we've gathered and honored the 2009 theme: 'Women Taking the Lead to Save the Planet' for the Womens' History Project.

Tonight under the Full Moon we'll step outdoors and gather 'round the dancing fire to welcome and remember our 'creative ancestors' and the roots of our expressive nature in joyful anticipation of what will be surfacing in the year ahead. Let your spirit fly over to join us!

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