Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm no angel

Being raised Catholic I now know that I will be burning in hellfire for all eternity.
I am clearly no angel. I have been dragged into the bowels of darkness and am lying in the aftermath.

Deeply damaged.
Changed in all ways.

It's still Sunday.

There are no sounds rising up from the floors below.
It seems I am alone.

This quick graphic done using Sumo.

This memoir began June 8 and this chapter will conclude August 21.


  1. never know what to say, but being witness to your courage.
    love you, k

  2. Hey K
    Yeah...interesting aspect of the human experience isn't it. Think of all of the broken people who have no way to heal from deep wounds of whatever origin.

    It does require courage (heart) to look demons in the eye and to not be fearful or feel as though the pain is contagious.

    The story now becomes simply bizarre.


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