Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Greatest Life Art Lesson

click on image to read the very first words I hear.

I turn; nervous for the silence. My right hand reaches for the door. Simultaneous comes the command.

Curdle blood snarling erupts from the landing at the top of the high stair that leads directly up from the back door. A massive hand grips the huge black German Shepard's collar. The other holds a gun. Pointed. Lunging attack beast's front legs flail the air, massive white teeth flashing, spittle sparkling as it flies in all directions, from the dimmly lit stair.

He bellows with a violence that mirrors the crushing volume of the barking: "This dog is trained to attack women!! Don't move!!"

Freeze frame.

A long drawn out slow motion.

this graphic done using Sumo . Rendered quickly, no need to linger.


  1. the only thing that keeps me breathing steadily through these pieces is knowing you are safe and sound, alive and well! sending love, K

  2. Love received K! Thank you so very...and back to you.
    Yes...all is well.


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