Monday, June 15, 2009

All We Need is Love

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In allowing the pendulum to swing back from this 60 year mark I am not attempting to control where it goes. Currently some dark shadows are coming forward. Not to feel bad about life but to make space for how miraculously events unfold even in the darkest hour...and we ain't there yet.

It's 1968. No one escaped the burdens of that time...much like our current events.
Riots, war, assassinations; Martin Luther King, Jr. in April, Bobby Kennedy in June (buried the day my child was born). Major national unrest within and without. And yet ...The Beatles.

Coming back to my parents from the hospital the heavy national mood was there to greet me inside the front door. No one knew or showed the slightest interest in 'the secret' of my 7 month absence. Mother knew, she had hidden me, and she was vigilant in keeping secrets.

One of my sisters had moved into my bedroom in the tiny family house so I was given a space in the next door neighbor's attic. An elderly couple. They'd moved in while I was away. I set my easel up next to a twin bed. My 4 sibling's could be heard carrying on in the kitchen at home... across the driveway.

I'm 18. Quite numb. Yet... I have a dream. The promise made to my unborn...'at birth you will go to your new life and I will dedicate mine to becoming the best artist I can be'.


  1. Dona, I so much appreciate your generosity in letting us journey through time with you. I'm enjoying the ride, and admiring the driver.

  2. and how beautifully you have kept that promise my brave and wonderful friend. With admiration and love, k

  3. Oh Thanks Sharmon and K. your comments are like hugs.


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