Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Go Among Trees and Sit Still

Prior to my move out of the city I lived across the street from the breathtaking and magnificent landscapes of Lakeview Cemetery. Founded in 1869 the 285 acres of land are modeled after the great garden cemeteries of Victorian England and France.
My morning meanderings would take me into the forests and along streambeds where ancient trees and the sound of water anchored me. I so enjoyed drawing the Standing Ones all around me. My soul yearned for roots and I took great comfort in hours of stillness and solitude.
The days held a rich contrast of nature and culture.
After my morning hikes I would walk around the corner to go to work at a little boutique/antique shop on the famous Coventry Road .
Living and working in this lively cultural zone for five years gave me a chance to become an impassioned student of Hatha yoga and to envision the look and feel of my artist life.
These two works are 10x8 inches. The first a soft pastel and ink on Strathmore. The second a watercolor on Arches paper.


  1. The watercolor is just beautiful. I love the split in the moon.
    I didn't know that Lakeview was modeled after the garden cemetaries Victorian England and France.
    Every year I take my students on a field trip in the fall which includes Lakeview as one of the stops along with Murray Hill and the West Side Market. They have produced some nice work from these trips.

  2. what a great idea to take a field trip to Lakeview! And as you know I have a love of Murray Hill having met you there oh so many years ago at my Signet Gallery. Dad and me and my older sister hung out at Westside Market when I was a wee one and I still have to stop in whenever I visit cool that you introduce your students to all three of these treasures!!


Thanks for stopping '-)