Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dreams and Reflections

It feels so reassuring to reflect back upon those that have helped me to learn to truly focus and to discover the value in 'keep on keeping on'. It seems that I have long had a 'young at heart' elderly man in my life, a grandfather type, to encourage my talents and skills.
Mr. Stephen Domonkas was such a figure for me. During the year and a half that we met weekly we became friends of the heart, much as I am today with Sir John.
I find it interesting to chat about the patterns and cycles that visit our culture in the midst of so much fast forward movement. There's something stabilizing for me in the 'edge places'. I so enjoy being with someone who has the perspective of 70 years ago while at the same time being connected to their yesterday. I have had similar experiences in visiting with my hospice clients while working as a volunteer.
Mr. Domonkas was 89 when one day he said to me , "I have the heart of a sixteen year old trapped inside this body." Up until that day he had been for me an interesting and wise old man. After that day he became just as he described. He sparkled more and twinkled like a star. He provided me a model that I so appreciated then and which I come to treasure more and more these many years later.
These two images are memory pieces that I created between visits with 'Mr.'. They are painted using India ink wash on Arches paper. Each is 18x24 inches and both are from the series 'Casa del Mar'. I recall each of the items on the tables and shelves. I so loved the vivid colors of the handmade tile surroundings within this the 'Mexican Room' in Casa del Mar.
Do you have room in your heart that infuses you with the memory of knowing where you belong?

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