Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dream of the Young Artist

I often dreamed of what life would look like outside of the maze of the high level bridges spanning the railroad switching yards feeding in and out of the steel mills that surrounded the little house on Fenwick Alley.

When dad left in the morning to walk to work carrying his stainless steel lunch pail and thermos the Old Country women of the neighborhood were already busy with their morning chores. At the start of each day they swept and cleaned their porches, then their sidewalks and finally our little alley street. I'd idly watch their activity.

Then I'd lean out my second floor bedroom window and look up. There I could watch the large resident flock of white pigeons banking and arching gracefully over our roof.

It was during those moments of flight that I was free to imagine being able to lift above the milling greyness soaring off to see the world... through my artist eyes!!

This watercolor on 18x24 inch Arches was painted in 1980 as I 'met with Chagall' each day and explored my early life. It was so enriching, enlivening and healing to filter childhood memory through the eyes of a master seer.

Do you have a favorite artist that you like to 'have lunch with'?


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