Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Art of Relaxing continued

I don't know about you but seems to me that some days there is nothing better to do than to stop. We artists can push ourselves. Sometimes, often times out of passion and at other times out of desperation. The idea that we won't be seen as serious or productive or talented enough.

Having a way of breaking up the runaway train is useful to me. Today and yesterday I practiced the art of the nap out in the hammock under the pear trees with the blush of the azaleas blooming all about.

How do you step out of the way of the drive that drives you so you can take a breather to reassess and refresh?


  1. I am truly craving solitude and relaxation these days. Solitude feeds me, and I seem to have had little recently. Yesterday my beau and I drove down to Knott's Island and sat peacefully by a pond at a winery and just indulged in a movie last night. I'm currently looking for new furniture fro my screened porch, which is my sanctuary. I do love the look of your hammock!

  2. Hammocks are so very excellent for napping and reading. Good luck with your shopping, can't you just feel the comfort of curling up on your porch after a full rich day at the art center.
    We went to Knott's Island on Friday...what a wonderful day trip...hiking around at Mackey Island Wildlife Refuge we encountered a giant snapping turtle crossing the road and fields of lavendar blooms belonging to a tiny nodding wildflower blossom on long slender stems.
    On the way in and out of NC we stopped in at several nurseries looking for an Elderberry for Arbor Day.

  3. that hammock sure does look peaceful...
    Yesterday John got our water fall flowing, so I took Zack-cat out on the garage roof porch to enjoy some fresh air with me. I lay on a chaise chair reading and had him next to me on his perch in the shade, with birds diving over us, and the water flowing below - it was a nice peaceful breather, until the neighbor started up his leaf blower! One day those things will be banned - at the very least on weekends ;^)

  4. yeah the leaf blower 'thang' is such an intrusion...the remainder of your image sounds perfect...a cat, a roof, a waterfall...and your beautiful yard to enjoy....ahhh.

  5. amen to hammocks, a good book and relaxation.


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