Friday, January 30, 2009

Spiraling into the Center

This week I had the delight of 'dancing the wheel' with 14 open minded souls at my Renewal Creativity Salon.
We gathered in a large low lit room around the painted wheel aglow with candle light... darkness symbolizing the inward turn of the winter months. The first half of our time we allow the energy to spiral inward as we explore our creative opportunity for renewal offered at this time of year.
After a short break we create a burning ceremony to release any unwanted aspects of our current experience.
Then we build a wheel as you can see here. Participants mark each of the 36 spots with a stone. Then we sing. It's a wonderful wheel song: "Spiraling into the center, the center of the wheel. Spiraling into the center, the center of the wheel. I am the weaver. I am the woven one. I am the dreamer. I am the dream. I am the weaver. I am the woven one. I am the dreamer. I am the dream." as we dance the pathways of the earth calendar as given to us by Sun Bear.


  1. Its true that this time of year is a time for renewal..something I realized in the last decade; learning patience with the winter season..learning to appreciate the slowing down..a chance to be meditative, contemplative.

  2. Beautiful. I love ritual. I will often pray the Medicine Wheel.

  3. earthmother and indigo girl...perhaps we can all 'gather round the wheel' next time I set one in the national park there in Peninsula ...that may happen once again this fall ...the beauty of walking the wheel is such a source of grounding, centering and balancing...and being there in the park at Hines Hill is so exceptional.

  4. Sounds like a healing experience for you and all that participate. I've never heard of this-thanks for sharing.



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