Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birds of a Feather

I have had a most wonderful week working with art students at the gifted and talented zone in Old Donation Center... here is one of the projects that I introduced...and some sweet results...sculptural birds from recycled materials...


  1. Ohhh! These are delightful. You have obviously inspired them to "take flight"!

  2. Thanks K... they are just fab. and the kids and teacher were so excited...with the time we had (a 3 hour session in the studio) we were only able to apply one layer of gesso...but they loved that look.

  3. love this idea. what kinds of materials did the students use? they could almost be decoys. :)

  4. Thanks Bridgette!
    Molly you're right they could almost be decoys...they're made from recycled materials like plastic grocery bags, cereal and similar weight boxes, cardboard tubes, etc. held together with carefully overlapped masking tape and gessoed before being painted.


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