Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lead and Gold

In Media Blend I ask the artists to set aside their usual way of working and to experiment with, what are for them, new materials combined in new ways.

I badger them to stretch out of their personal comfort zone and over the course of the six weeks to 'go some place new' and see what happens.

This piece was inspired by a poem. The piece addressed concepts of lead and gold.

The artist used a rich variety of materials in new ways. She communicated a depth of understanding of how the poet's imagery and words moved through her. She mentioned an interest in working further into the idea by creating a series. This being a beautiful first piece in that process.
The canvas which is in two parts joined by enameled bulldog clips is unstretched, ungessoed and laundered. each of the two parts measures approximately 12 by 18 inches.

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