Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's a Wrap

Saturday in the Studio: the 'gang' (sans one little guy who had already split) as they prepare to head home after 7 weeks of creating what they want as they want. What a riot. There was not a moment of them being bored or wondering what to do. Their last day was a zippy joyful blast of learning. They were hot on the trail wondering what additonal interesting and exciting materials they could work with in the studio to then pack into their portfolios, held here.


  1. So dang cute!! and so lucky to have had you inspiring, playing and creating with them :)
    love you, K

  2. I think it is a mutual admiration society...what balls of energy and ideas they are!!
    talk to you soon!

  3. You inspire so many ... including me!

  4. thanks Amy
    I love seems as though simply being in the vibe of CAC brings out that inspiration in so many of matter what age....dontcha think?


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