Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's all temporary

For all.


  1. What more can be said? It's true - there is no permanence.
    Yet your simple few words and powerful image bring an avalanche of thoughts, wishes, and wonderings. ~Thoughts about the apparent blessing of some things being temporary, the sorrows of others feeling too dang short. ~Wishing I could have a say in which lasted longer than others. ~Wondering if I'll ever be able to experience it all with the same value and appreciation, knowing there is a continuum in the temporariness - that each thread is part of a great big wonderful whole, never lost...
    thank you my friend. much love, K

  2. I love this crane with the eclipse in the background. The colors are very rich.

    Temporary-the way I feel-we are all here in a temporary way and remembering that makes life all the sweeter. For me it makes me keenly aware that I need to reach out, spread LOVE and try to make a difference in whatever small way that I can!

    I love your work!


  3. Thanks for your wonderful and insightful comments. I feel as you each describe...and right now I seem to be up against the 'edge place' of dear ones getting ready to leave the planet and others undergoing huge scares from within.

    I LOVE the Beatles singing 'Let It Be' (click on the title link) and found such comfort in each word of the lyrics.

  4. another hauntingly beautiful image...

  5. haunting and beautiful joined in thought/heart/mind has intrigued me for many years so thanks, Susan, for bringing me that gift (like flowers) today.


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