Thursday, October 9, 2008

Habitat for Humanity

I'm working on a piece to donate to Habitat for Humanity through the Art Therapy Center in my hometown. Creating the painting helped me to consider the force of the matter that is swirling about in the news. It's a hurricane of chaos. I like to keep in mind that chaos is the first step to opening up to new creative possibilities.
Chaos is not news. It's a part of the natural process of expansion/contraction.
Yet to cease living in a state of chaos, which is destructive, it is essential to identify the chaos.
Take a deep breath.
Take 10 more.
Settle down. The word and the quality of fear are best looked upon as an acronym that we may do well to connect to now...
False Education Appearing Real.
Things do appear to be turned upside down. Things do appear to be falling away, and falling away and falling away... for the moment.
How about taking stock of the opportunities inherent within the chaos? How about being inventive and mining for creative ideas, visions and responsible responses?
How about simplifying. How about calming down. How about walking. How about taking inventory of available materials and endless ideas. How about applying my mother's favorite. All along the path of my youth and my many prolonged fights with monsters, dragons and strange beliefs, she, like a rock would remind me... 'This too shall pass." Thanks Mom.


  1. I needed to read this. I finally got around to checking my portfolio this evening ... ouch ... a major loss.

    And you know what? I'm still better off than most of the world. I should be grateful and continue to cultivate serenity in the middle of chaos.

  2. same has happened to me...and you are so right...we are still so very fortunate...that's why I am reminding myself and you are reminding me too...thanks!
    pass it on... :-)

  3. Thanks for the Mother's reminder.

  4. sscrolling down your page, i like your art


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