Thursday, October 16, 2008

Be Grateful to Everyone & Healing Medicine

Little did I know that, with the last post, I would be falling down that, need for healing, rabbit hole into the land of flu. I'm back in the studio at the Contemporary Art Center with all the wee ones and that always brings a surprise or two. Little did I know that this one would be delivered via their germs.

Ahhh...but there's nothing like lying around for a number of days to get ya all inspired about being grateful for the mundane aspects of everyday life. Day and night there is the sound of birds calling from the wrens and crows and various daytime visitors to the exotic owls, heron and now the arriving Canadas and Mallards returning from their northern nesting grounds.

Oh and this Full Moon. The shadows in the garden and the glow within the room all through the night. Indeed it is helpful from time to time to be able to simply lie there and take it all in.

I'm so grateful also for such a terrific partner who knows just what helps the most...fresh flowers, yummy soup and something I would never think to consider... Tylenol.


  1. So the froggy voice was indeed one from 'under the weather'. ohhhh, those little germ infested buggers will getcha every time :) Good thing everything else about them is so great! Glad you've got that nurturing care in doors and the nurturing nature surrounding your outer environment, to assist in nursing you back to health - and a little tylenol to bridge the gap and ease the symptoms!
    love you, K

  2. ahhh the flu..I had it last week. knocked me for a loop last weekend. it is good to lay around though--even when miserable, its a chance to stop and really listen.
    sorry i didn't make it to oberlin to see you and your work. i wanted to...maybe i already said this in a previous comment? If I did, then forgive my redundancy! The barn is waiting for spring and walls. We love to sit out there in the open walls/air. Sometimes we love it so much in the open that we jokingly say forget the walls...
    I hope you're on the mend!

  3. You must read my post on Rock and Rye. It works like a charm! I hope you're feeling better.

  4. what a wonderful image. Keep strong. I find a nice cup of coffee works wonders to scare the flu monkeys away. That and my flu stick


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