Monday, August 25, 2008

Today's Mantra

Hot n steamy here at the beach. Perfect day to be in the studio playing with papers giving a large painting a new kind of life in a small 'mantra' format. I may have about 10 of these babies going with me by the time I'm ready to pack.
The Cuyahoga Valley National Park Creativity Salon of September 20 is filling and the night before there's a great group of "Art Junkies" with whom I will share 'HALT, Metta and the Bodhichitta Heart' . I presented a similar workshop at Ursuline College in February during 'Rejuvenation' though I make it a point of not repeating format or exact content so we're all discovering something spontaneous and fresh.
I'm researchin' soft roof top carriers for my little wagon. There's a feeling that all the gear can get there for ten days of fun in Ohio.

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